Thursday, April 30, 2009

Spock was telling the truth...

So I'm back... and this time I'm here with the scribe post for today! :)

We started off the day by talking about marks, tests, and exams. Turns out if you get a higher mark on your final exam than your class mark, Mr. K will automatically give you the higher mark! :D But don't just bet it all on that exam since he says there's a higher probability that you will get a higher mark in class than in the provincial exams.

Everyone was given numbers and we went into our groups!

We then went back to our homework which was to prove whether Spock was telling the truth. Turns out he was telling the truth and this was verified by Anthony. Instead of just using the formula to figure out the partial sum (which turned out to be 1 million), you have to keep adding the partial sums in order to get the number that Spock mentioned (which was 1 771 561). Hahhhh.. I don't really recall what Anthony did in order to get Spock's number. Comment on the post with the answer Anthony! :)

Mr. K advanced the slide and we were presented with the first question of the group pre-test.

Sometimes questions will ask how many years it would take for the population to double and they won't include numbers but it won't matter because after the second line you'll end up dividing the doubled number by the original number which will equal to 2! (Hahhh... I hope that made sense.)

*Make sure you use the squiggly equal sign to show that it's a decimal approximation.

In, 1(c) we also used the same formula as the previous two, so that should be easy to understand without any elaborate explanations.

From the 1(b) we know that the population doubles in (approximately) 128.7069 years. From 1(a) we got, P = 630 700(1.0054)y. We just replace 1.0054 with 2. In the exponent, we just divide time (t) by the period (p) which is 128.7069 in this case.

In 1(e), we use the "pert" formula as Mr. K calls it. A = Pert and just plug in the numbers.

I'll post up the rest of the answers -- the ones that I have figured out anyway -- for the rest of the slides (as in the ones that weren't part a part of the pre-test.) later.. or something. XD

I hope this helped the people who were away for the university thing understand the exponential formulas more. Good luck to everyone on the test!

The next scribe blindly picked by me and with the help of my cousin's pointing finger is... Anthony!


  1. Oh and for those who want to know how I did it..

    You have one tribble to start. You multiply by 10 because thats how many it produces in a period. So you get 10 tribbles produced + your original tribble xD. Then once again multiply this new amount of 11 by 10 and you'll get 110 produced. Then again of course add the amount that gave birth to these new tribbles. (11+110) to get 121. So since the period was 6, you just do this 4 more times xD. Once you finish you will get what spock got, 1 771 651 tribbles!

    Yea I don't know why Mr.k said this was clever. I'm sure people were just over thinking the situation.