Monday, April 13, 2009

041309 Graphing Exponential Functions

Good evening everybody. It's Jennifer again, I've been granted the "honor" of scribing for today. We started today off by discussing that flicker; a year to remember image.
Which is an exponential graph. I don't remember how we got here since I do have an attention span of a drosophila melanogaster. We had a scenario where Mr.K ask how long we would be sitting if we wanted a million dollars at a rate of I think a dollar per second.( correct me if I'm wrong.)

And if we have lived a million seconds, billions. If I remember correctly it was 12 days for a million seconds and 32 years for a billion seconds. That's a long time for a billion seconds. So in conclusion yes we have lived for a million seconds, no we haven't lived for a billion seconds but were a year or two more than half way.

We talked about the dinosaurs and Jurassic Park things that he said we were gonna talk about later. Carbon dating is an epic fail for finding how ancient the dinosaur bones are because carbon dating is only accurate for approximate of 50,000ish years. After the dinosaur dies the C14 starts to decaying. It will decay and decay to the point where it's practically non-existing.

Lets get to the actual math now.

Sample numéro un;
Easy? Both solutions are well done and correct. But as you can the red is simpler and quicker. Factoring the equation in the red box, saves you some time. You can use the quadratic formula and it will give you the correct answer. But remember in the exam time is limited, so it is best to go with the quicker process.

sample; numéro deux

The equation was factored, then substituted the value into the equation.
4^x = -1 is undefined. Why? Because there is no value that x can be that produce a negative number. Go try it.

We did not do much graphing today. So I'm only assuming that, that is what we are going to do tomorrow. Look at all the stultiloquence I did. More than I thought. I'm awfully sorry about the quality of this post, it was rushed.

Homework: Exercise 19 # 1-10, and choose 5 from the rest.
Exercise 20 # 10-12

And the next scribe is. . . .
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe . . . . . you are it.
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