Thursday, April 30, 2009


So, tomorrow is our test, and after reading over our slides over and over again a few days ago, I finally get this unit! Yes, I finally get this unit.

At first, I really really disliked this unit, jut because of the fact that I didn't like exponents. Yes, I know what you're thinking, "Who doesn't like exponents??" Well, i did. I didn't get how negative exponents worked, and now after reading over the stuff, and after I gave it a try, well.. I realized that it wasn't that hard to understand.

There aren't really a lot of things to remember for this unit, except for the fact that A LOGARITHM is an EXPONENT. Another thing to remember would be that an exponential function turns an exponent into a power, while a logarithmic function turns a power into an exponent.

These are the laws that we should know:

The Product Law
logbMN = logbM + logbN

The Quotient Law
logb(M/N) = logbM - logbN

The Power Law

logbMk = klogbM

We should also know that when no base is indicated, the base of the logarithm is base 10 .
Also, remember the
Change of base formula:

some formula's we should know about..
A = P(1+r/n)t
A = Pert

A = A0(model)t
A = A0(m)t/p

Well, yeah, that`s pretty much what we`ve learned in this unit. There are a few more, but I can`t really remember them at the moment. So I guess I`m off to study.


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