Thursday, April 30, 2009


Exponents and Logarithms

This unit we learned about logarithms and exponents. And so far, i have not forgotten that LOGARITHMS ARE EXPONENTS!!!...log to the base 10 are on our calculators so we use that. We also use natural logarithms which is log to the base e, or LN.

e is approximately 2.712828

we learned a couple of formulas including:



A=A0 (model)^t

A=A0 (m)^(t/p)

LogbMN=LogbM +LogbN

Logb(M/N)=LogbM - LogbN

LogbM^k = kLogbM

A bunch of the stuff we learned was basically plugging information in and then solving for whichever variable we needed to find.

I think that covers most of what we learned

Jonno - Out


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