Thursday, April 23, 2009

D.E.V. Timeline!

Heeeey there all you matheees! Here's is our ever so short and ever so vague (well not really) TIMELINE for our D.E.V. (which stands for DEVELOPING EXPERT VOICES!). Haaah as you can see I am veeery excited to do this project and so are my two amigos, Dion and Mary! (Okay well one amigo and one amiga.) So anyways, I'll stop myself before I ramble on.

This timeline is brought to you by me (jayp) on behalf of my group members (Dion and Mary). It's also brought to you by the letters D, E and V and the number 6! Here it is!

Apr.24-30: Figure out/Finalize our EPIC storyline.

Apr.30-May 13: Figure out/Answer/Finalize all 6 questions and add them into the storyline.**

May 14-16: Make a video filming plan so we aren't filming around aimlessly.

May 17-June 2: Film and edit video so that it looks beee-yoou-tee-full!

June 3-4: Make sure everything is "movie" perfect and upload.


**We basically gave ourselves 2 days/question (2 days*6 questions=12 days) plus one day just in case. We didn't give ourselves days for each question because we know that each question may take a little more time than others so we just thought we'd give ourselves around two days for each question. If we have extra time, then we'll use that for the tougher question(s).

So there it is! In black, Arial font, size "normal" open for all of you guys to see! Good luck with all of your project guys! And also good luck on our next test!


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