Monday, April 6, 2009

BOB!!!!! Who Are You?

Okay so another unit done, another test to take. As I slowly wait for my videos to upload so that I can finally cross my name off the scribe list, I figured that I might as well do this now.

Am I worried about this test? Not really, but there is that little doubt. This is just based upon how I'm doing in class. I tend to miss a couple "clever ideas" but that might just be because I'm over thinking the question. Who knows? The only thing I can do now is just keep practicing!

The easiest part of this unit would have to be converting everything in terms of sine and cosine (it's the stuff we were doing at the beginning of the unit; I wasn't sure how else to describe it). This was mainly because we only had a couple "clever ideas" to recognize and deal with. As we learned more "clever ideas" the unit started to get harder and harder because I started to over think things. This caused me to miss some certain "clever ideas" because I was thinking of other "clever ideas", but I guess that's something I just have to continue to work on.

The hardest part of this unit? It would definitely have to be all of the different identities. There are just so many different possibilities for which identity to use, it's just a matter of figuring out what the right one to use is. Like I said, I do over-think things so on the test I feel that this may be my weak point during the test. However, I promise I will try my best!

I honestly think that after seeing my mark today in class I can still step things up and work even harder to get the mark I want in this class (yeah, so I'm a perfectionist, sue me...). Hopefully this test will give me the chance to raise my mark.

Anyways, here is where I would usually add some helpful stuff to help you all prepare for the test. Most of the stuff is the same, and right now I don't feel like repeating myself so I'll put everything in a shorter form.


And of course, especially for this unit, use the following guidelines (which have already been outlined by Ms. Annabanana (mMmmmMMmmMmMm bananas xD):

1. Work with the more complicated side first.
2. Rewrite both sides in terms of sine and cosine.
3. Use Pythagorean Identities to make appropriate substitutions.
4. Simplify complex fractions and rewrite fractions so that they have a common denominator.
5. Use factoring (difference of squares!!)

Remember that these are only guidelines. You don't have to use them all but they will be helpful.

Good luck on the test guys! I will be rooting for us! Happy Mathing!


P.S. Here's a link to my youtube account. I have semi-dedicated it to our class blog so there will be videos about math that may help us (both made by me and made by others). If you have a video you think I should "favorite" on my channel, feel free to leave me a comment/video response/msg on MSN/wall post on FB/any other means you can think of.


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