Monday, April 20, 2009

Scribe 420

Hey ladies and gentlemen. This is kalekalekale here doing his scribe post. We started off class by discussing our DEV projects. Mr. K gave us some links that may be helpful. One of them was blip. This site would alow us to post and view videos on the net.

After that section of our class, we got into logarithims. Here is the solution to one question on
the slides.

I used the product and quotient laws to expand it and substitute the logs with the numbers. *If I made an error let me know a.s.a.p. ;)

Following those questions and some others, we were introduced to a new law, the CHANGE OF BASE LAW!


Remember this, and also remember that logarithms are exponents!

This is all I have time for tonight, our class was very simple and well planned. Good transitions Mr. K!

Everyone keep DEV in the back of their minds and keep in touch with your delicious accounts!

Next scribe will be stephen!

Goodnight everyone!


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