Monday, April 27, 2009

The Big "e"

Today we learned about the magical and mystic number "e". "e" is created by Euler and for complicated reasons, we don't really have much explanation to it, but we'll go over it in calculus.

Well, "e" is used in THE exponential function and THE natural logarithm. Note the use of THE, IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT because THE exponential function is not the same as this exponential function:
and THE natural logarithm is not the same as this logarithm:
the "a"s in THE exponential function and THE natural logarithm are replaced by "e"

Bah, so it seems that I cant put 2 exponents in the equations generator thingy.
Well the thing i was trying to do was to show Euler's equation known as " e^(pi*i)+1=0, which has the 5 most important numbers in math.

Oh yeah, we learned about the "Rule of 72", which states: Interest rate % * Years to Double = 72 (too bad it wasn't 42, would have answered my question).

And yeah, that's basically what we did, I'll end this by choosing Aldrin S as the next scribe.


  1. LOL nice. thanks for kinda helping me understand what went on today. btw i think you have the pictures for the exponential and logarithm fxns mixed up?