Thursday, April 30, 2009


Big Ups to Anthony!

He's been a trooper helping me out :D also my late night study budy. HAHA seriously guys, ADD ME :)

So far so good. Not an overly difficult topic but because I haven't been practising.. I haven't gotten it down pat yet!

It's pretty much embedded in my head that:
  • A logarithm is an exponent!
Short and sweeet. Just like me :)
(Note to self: never say that agian)

Time to study!


Okay, maybe it was TOO SHORT.

Since I haven't been attending class lately, I've been relying on the slides and on your scribe posts!

I say, GOOD JOB! It's been helping me ALOT :)

Helpful hints:
  • don't forget a logarithm is an exponent (this was a little difficult to understand in the begning)
  • factor (it's so much easier to solve logarithms after factoring .. PROPERLY)
  • log and ln exist on a calculator for a reason :D (i just learned that @1am)

There are a few things thought that I've been having trouble with since some of the slides do not explain EVERYTHING.

Such as: (being that {x} = subscript)
  • a^x = b turns into log{a}b = log{c}b / log {c}a
  • log{5}( 3x + 1 ) + log{5}(x-1) = 3 turns into 3x^2 - 2x - 1 where did the log{5} go?! and why!?
  • reason for rejecting?
  • antilogs
  • ln is confusing

Note to self: Study earlier. (Yes, it has taken me this long to realise :) haha)

" You only fail when you've given up completely. "


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