Thursday, April 16, 2009

Diabollically Evil Villians Timeline (DEV)

already done: question 1

April 16- make our first question presentable, make question two.
April 23- make question two presentable, make question three.
May 7 - make question three presentable. make question four.
May 17- make question four presentable, make question five.
May 21- make question five presentable.
May 23- upload everything and make sure it's pretty (evil) (:


Sample Questions

1. For a Saskatchewan town the latest sunrise is on December 21 at 9:15 am. The earliest sunrise is on June 21 at 3:15 am. Sunrise times on other dates can be predicted using a sinusoidal equation.
a) Sketch the graph of the sinusoidal function described above.
b) Write 2 equations for the function; one using sine and the other using cosine.
c) Use one of the equations in (b) to predict the time of sunrise on April 6.
d) What is the average sunrise time throughout the year?
e) On what days will the sunrise at 7:00 am?

Taken from the slides on transformations.

2. Given that a= 7/25, and cosb= 9/41 and neither P(a) nor P(b) are in quadrant 1, find:
a. sin(a+b) b. cos(a+b) c. sec(a+b) d. in what quadrant is the point P(a+b)?
Taken from exercise 16, question 8.

3. A 5 digit pin number can begin with any digit (except zero) and the remaining digits have no restrictions. If repeated digits are allowed, find the probability of the PIN code beginning with a 7 and ending with an 8.
Taken from the math40s website, lesson 3 exercise

4.One plan is 20km from the Winnipeg airport. A larger plane is 17km from the airport. If the angle between the sightings is 110 degrees, how far apart are the planes?
Taken from exercise 6, question 17.

5. If there are 190 handshakes in a room and each person shook every person'shand one time, how many people are in the room ?
Taken from math40s website.

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