Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hahaha hello... sorry.. i guess i suck for being late but here's the basic timeline for Kale and I's project!

May 1 to 7- Create and add pizazz to question 1 and with luck create question 2.

May 8to 14- Finalize question 2 and add some more pizazz to it and (once again with luck) Create and hopefully even start to jazz up question 3!

May 15 to 21- Finish up question 3, Create 4 and hopefully start the 'zazzage!

May 22 to 28- Finish up question 4 and Create 5! (Possibly make it awesome as well?)

May 29 to June 6- Finalize question 5... add final pieces of zazz to entire project... With luck throw a 6th question on there for some mathematical icing on our developed expert cake! ( Idc how lame it is... haha)

June 7- FINAL DUE DATE ( yeah it's the last possible day, so sue whatever)


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