Wednesday, April 22, 2009

aldrin's DEV Timeline

I have deattached the name Sheldon Cooper from myself. I shall rename my tags from delicious and the blog too. Anyways,

April 25 - Complete Q1 on website

May 2 - Complete Q2 and Q3 on website

May 9 - Complete Q4 and Q5 on website

May 16 - Complete Q6 on website, do reflection, add extras

May 23 - Enhance website

May 30 - Just chill

June 6 - Chill once again, and possibly re-enhance/improve website

June 7 - My chosen final due date

Yeah, I'm solo and doing six. Don't criticize me :P I think I'll be finished my project by like May 9 though, so my timeline is exceedingly off.

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  1. what about the other aldrin!!! now we won't know! :P