Wednesday, April 15, 2009


heeey guys!

For today's class, we all worked long and hard on a handout called "exponential equations exercises". Unfortunately, Mr.k wasn't able to enlighten us with his presence today, WHERE DID YOU GO MR.K?!, but luckily we had a substitute, Mr.N, for guidance!

From questions 1-10 on the handout, it was pretty straight forward, questions 11-24 were more interesting. As a class, we decided to leave question 21, 22 and i think 24 for Mr.K to explain. (Some of us got the correct answers, but not with the methods Mr.K would probably recommend.)

Before you get started...
Things to remember:
  • Change the terms so they all have the same base.
  • Multiplying powers with the SAME BASE = adding exponents.
  • Dividing powers with the SAME BASE = subtracting exponents.
  • Powers with negative exponents = reciprocal of the number. Example: 1/5 = 5^-1
  • Square roots = are fractions.(such horrible wording xD) example: \sqrt[5]{a} is the same as a^1/5

Here are the questions, and answers from 1-10. [LINK]
Here are the solutions and answers from 11-24.[LINK1] [LINK2]
If there's any questions or problems, i'll try my best to resolve/fix them.
**the answer for 24 is not -1/2, but -1 and 2. i'll upload a writen soultion later. thanks sheldon!

ohh and before i forget! There wont be any slides from today's class. I guess we decided to pull old-school and dusted out the white bored BOARD. haha spelling errors are always on purpose. :D
Today was a pretty productive class, don't you think?


and because i had ginger ale, next scribe will be ale! :D


  1. I see you had troubles with last one so I'll just tell you the answer. You can figure out the rest :D. The value of x is 2 for number 24.

  2. :o and lol did you forget how to spell BOARD? or was that on purpose :P

  3. LOL! nice very short post for a very productive class! it pretty much sums ups what we did (and it wasn't very much) so it's all good.

    LOL! wrong "board" btw.


  4. good job !! and there are 2 values for x for 24. They are -1 and 2 =D

  5. HA HA HA, that spelling error was so on purpose. nothing gets pass you guys ***rolly eyes xD

    but thanks, i'll make the changes. :D