Monday, April 6, 2009

Scribitude and BOBage!!! WOOOO!

Howdy Pre-calers!!! Haha so this is the one and only ~Pokemon Champion~ ... or just plain Matthew... here to give u a play by play on what we did in math class today as well as my little blog about our upcoming test!! (OoOoOo EXCITING!!!!~)

ALL RIIIIGHT!! XD Well, we started off the day with a nice little happy birthday for a very special PJ in the room... after which we didnt shut up until he "skipped around the room"... Basically we started the day by having good times! (And happy bday again PJ... you're old haha)

Moving on, next we learned that our super awesome test has been moved to THURSDAY! WOOHOO!! (I for one am happy to have an extra day to get all my thoughts together =P). The flipside to this is that now we will be starting our new unit on WEDNESDAY! which, if my memory serves me well enough will be exponents and logarithms!! I don't know about you guys, but that sounds awesome to me!

Next up, we talked about our DEV (or Developing Expert Voices) Projects (as well as some deep philsophical insight on what it truly means to be an expert.)

Key points about this project:

- You can have 1,2, or 3 people working on a single project!
***1 person= 4 problems, 2 people= 5 problems, and 3 people= 6 problems.***

- By Wednesday, you should have your group/solo/duo/whatever decided- Within the next week or so, you should COPY a few problems just to give Mr. K an idea of what you're going to base your project around!

- uhhh.... Have fun?! XD

All righty moving right along, next up we looked at , which is the site with all our marks!! (ScArY sTuFf =P). We all got a code name and mine is *removed for confidentiality* so if you ever want to know what my mark is, just check that name out. I can accept my mark I suppose, but I really hope to improve on it and just continue to learn throughout the rest of the year! But that's another story, onto our work for the day! Wooooooo excitement! =D

Well, the first question we looked at was:

Clever Idea: The Clever Idea here is simply the difference of two angles identity we had learned earlier in the unit. From here, we used the actual values for sine and cosine of pi (0 and -1 respectively) in order to algabreaically massage and prove our identity.

Next up, another magical idenity:

Clever Idea: Getting everything in terms of sin by reducing cosx on the right side and using the sin^2x+cos^2x=1 identity on the left side. The right side was now already sinx, and after some hardcore subtraction, the right side is now also sinx. Another clever idea to use here would be to factor out a sinx on the left side. This would give you : sinx( sin^2x+cos^2x) a.k.a sinx(1) a.k.a sinx a.k.a ~ELEGANT~

The last question, i decided to use the slide simply because I probably couldn't really recreate it much better myself because it's awesome already haha. Here it is:

Clever Idea: Changing 2x to *theta* to start. Also, it was important to realize that, because of our boundaries on "x", and the fact that the period had been mulitplied by 2, we would have twice the number of answers than we would in cosx. In cosx we have 2 answers, and 2*2=4, therefore 4 answers! Hooray! After we determined the 4 values for *theta*, simply subsitute with 2x and finish solving the equation... and theres that done!


B O B !

All right, so here's my tiny little BOB post at the bottom here...


1. Sleep

2. Eat

3. Breathe

4. Study

5. Be elegant.

My issues:

-Overthinking some identities when the answer is way simpler. So I guess, in essence, I'm just not elegant =P

-Messiness and thus getting lost and confused in my own work. HOpefully I cvan fix this by the test on Thursday.

Things to remember:

1. Trigonometric Identities!~ This includes difference/sum identities as well as Double Angle Identities!

2. Once again, be elegant.

3. Don't over think~ the answer may be simpler than you think!

4. Don't get caught up with questions~ If you ears start smoking on one question, maybe you should leave it alone for a while and try another. You may come back later with some fresh new ideas!

5. Belive in Yourself *sniff* But seriously though, a little confidence goes a long way sometimes =P

Short of That, Good Luck with the pretest tomorrow, and the real test on Thursday!

Let's rock this Pre-Cal 40S Winter 09! ~ Matty Boy AKA Pokemon Champion... if only I had Platinum...


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