Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Reflection on Identities

So... this one's going to be short and not very helpful to anyone. It'll just be a reflection on my part.

K, I didn't have a lot of fun proving the identities since the clever ideas never really got to me in time. XD They eventually clicked in my mind... after a while. That should still count for something, right? Hahah. I also keep forgetting the main corollaries even if there are only three of them. How sad.

The only break I got during this unit were the sum and difference identities. Yes, that would be the sine and cosine dance we performed during that one class. Hahah. Well, other than the dance I found that applying the sum and difference identities were manageable.

Meh, nonetheless I'll give it my best shot and study excessively until the day of the test which has been moved to Thursday. Good luck to everyone on the test!

By the way, lovely work on our mascot, Ingrid! :D She deserves brownie points for sure.


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