Monday, April 27, 2009

PC40SW09 Math Warriors

Greetings PC40SW09 Math Warriors. Anyways, it is our duty to conceive and master the art of mathematics. We will utilize our skills and knowledge by annihilating every test and quiz that comes in our way. Will we be prepared? Yes and this is because we will study, do homework, ask questions, and attempt to apprehend math in various ways.

Yes yes, my scribe post is weaksauce haha. All we did today was receive a sheet from a substitute because Mr. K was absent. This post focuses on that worksheet as well as some random stuff I decided to input since I felt that my scibe post was naked and devoid of the natural scribe essence.

Yes uhh, theres this arrow at the top left of this slide thingy to zoom in. Silly slideshare takes so long. Waited for an hour and the thing wasnt even published yet, so I found a new resource. That's why this is late. And only three of the slides are derivative. The rest were made by me with my tablet and scanner.

These slides are for April 27, 2009.

JONNO YOU LUCKY DUCKY!! I grant you the obligation to scribe tomorrow

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