Monday, April 6, 2009

Gelatinous Blob Post

Hey everyone here is my gelatinous blob post!!

Well to start off I'd like to say that I really liked this unit!! The questions reminded me of puzzles and puzzles > boring old math problems. Also I really understood what was happening in class, which made it easier to not get distracted by shiny objects. So I am going to do really well on this test because I want my mark to go waaaaaay up!

Here are some formulas to understand for the test. (understand them don't just memorize!!)

1. sin² x + cos² x = 1
2. 1+ cot² x = csc² x
3. tan² x + 1 = sec² x
4. sin (a+b)= sina cosb + cosa sinb
5. sin (a-b) = sina cosb - cosa sinb
6. cos (a+b)= cosa cosb - sina sinb
7. cos (a-b)= cosa cosb + sina sinb

When solving trig identities here are some rules of thumb that would be handy to keep in mind (but not necessary to follow)

1. work with the most complicated side first
2. rewrite both sides in terms of sine and cosine
3. use a Pythagorean identity
4. simplify complex fractions, rewrite fractions sums or differences with a single denominator
5. use factoring, deference of squares

I think one of the hardest parts about this unit is deciding how to start. Don't be afraid to make mistakes and try things that don't end up working because that's what an eraser is for. If people stopped making mistakes then all the eraser makers would go out of business and we don't want that, right?

Okay so remember to draw in your great wall of china! When you have proven that both sides are the same write Q.E.D so we know that's your final answer.

Well that's all the advice I have for now. Good luck on the pretest tomorrow!!

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  1. LOL gelatinous blob... clever XD Monsters Vs. Aliens FTW and.. i'll make sure to make mistakes for the eraser makers hahaha nice post lol