Tuesday, April 7, 2009

BOB = bob

This unit we focused on PROVING IDENTITIES. BOB = bob, get it? xD

Unlike what we did last unit, where we solved equations, here we proved each side to be equal. This meant that, the same expression looks different. Remember, we're not solving equations, we are proving them. (changing how they look). So never "cross the great wall of china"!

I was okay with this unit, nothing to complain about. But it would always take me awhile to see the "cleaver" CLEVER idea. This would be a problem when time plays a big role. (TEST) If you're going through the same situation as me, i suggest you do a lot of practice examples. There are links found on the blog to other references. AND Mr.K has left a bunch of practice on the previous slides. I'll be doing them tonight, so i'm down with comparing answers! :D

good luck on the test guys!


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