Monday, April 6, 2009

A BOB for a BOB

Hey guys! You all may have thought that I had forgotten about this by now, but nope!
I can now unveil BOB, our BOB mascot! I had originally sketched him out on paper, with more details and epicness, but figured that it was much too big to be uploaded. And so, I spent about an hour during spring break working on this lol. Enjoy!

To anyone who is interested to know:
- I used Open Canvas 1, which is nowhere near comparable to Photoshop, Painter, etc. Let's just say that it's almost if not more primitive than MSPaint lol. So please excuse the horrid simplicity of this piece!
- Major props to Dion for design inputs!
- I wasn't sure about using the Blogger logo, that's not copyright infringement is it? I mean, it's not like we're making money off of BOB right!?
- I have a full-sized, un-watermarked version of this piece. I also have a scan of the original character-sketch. To anyone who's interested in having a copy of either one, email me at!

I'll get to a proper BOB post later lol.


  1. AWESOME!!!! PROPS TO INGRID!!!! lol.

  2. Fantastic work Ingrid!!

    Can I get a copy of the image without the watermark? Can I keep copies in my flickr account?

  3. thanks for the nice comments!
    mr.k, I'll send a copy to your gmail now :] and yes, feel free to keep copies on flickr x)