Wednesday, April 8, 2009

BOB = BOB(backwards)

It's time for BOB again, this time it's on identities. Oh and lols to everyone who actually put "cleaver" instead of clever and I've seen many of them.

The first identities we learned about was the Pythagorean Identities.
The first one is that:
Then the next one is figured out by dividing everything by or .
If you divide by you get:
If you divide by you get:
Another identity type would be the even/odd identities.
Cosine is an Even Function, so cos(x) = cos(-x)
Sine is an Odd Function, so sin(x) = -sin(x)
Tangent is an Odd Function, so tan(x) = -tan(x)
The sums and difference identities has its own rap.
The rap for sin is "Sin, Sin, Cos, Cos, Sin.
The rap for cos is "Cos, Cos, Cos, BUST-A-MOVE, Sin, Sin
It goes Sin(a+b)=(sina)(cosb)+(cosa)(sinb)
It goes Cos(a+b)=(cosa)(cosb) - (sina)(sinb)
I think i have most of this stuff down, so I'm gonna go off to study and/or sleep (most likely sleep). Good Luck on the test tomorrow.


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