Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reflection on Combinatorics

Most confusing unit ever. D: Who knew counting could be so difficult?! I don't know if I can manage to pull off a passing score on the test or not. Hahah, yes.. no confidence here whatsoever.

All of that binomial theorem business was pretty much the only thing I actually got down pat in this whole unit. So basically, I have to keep in mind that a permutation is an ordered arrangement of objects without repetition. On the other hand, a combination is an arrangement of objects where order does not matter. Circular permutations are a pain in the neck annnnnd I shouldn't slack off with my homework because I definitely need the practice. XD That's a slap on the wrist for me.

I'm off to work on the rest of the poker questions! Good luck to everyone, I know I'll need it.


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