Sunday, May 3, 2009

An Exponentially Exhausted BOB!

LOL. Yes this BOB maker is exponentially exhausted. The number of activities I had exponentially grew and my energy exponentially decayed. xD Anywho, here's my BOB post.

This unit, Exponents and Logarithms, started off very easy for me. But of course, back then, we were just starting off reviewing some of the basics such as the "anatomy of a power" and rewriting numbers as powers and vice versa. We were also doing some simple equation solving with them which also came quite easy to me.

When logarithms were introduced, I'll have to admit, I was pretty worried because it seemed very confusing but it was actually straight forward. Although I almost never forgot, it took me a few days to grasp the concept that "A Logarithm is an Exponent!" [and you're gonna forget that! (the wise, wise words of Mr.K) :D]. Once I did get that concept, I felt a little bit more relieved about the logarithm part of the unit. The equation solving also came relatively easy to me.

I would have to say the hardest part of the unit was when the compound interest stuff showed up. I guess it was because at first, I had a bit of a hard time understanding it, but it's sort of clear now. However, when it got combined with the concept of "e" that's where I got lost. Me missing a week of school didn't help that too much but luckily us university goers worked together to try to piece together information from the scribe posts and from the slide shows (BTW thanks for the scribe posts guys! It really helped.). However there were some things that still needed to be cleared up(such as the word problem stuff that was covered while we were away) and that was cleared up through our visit to Mr.K on Friday (Thanks Mr.K!).

Well now that I've covered what I thought of the unit, what was hard and what was easy, I guess it's advice time! Well there's really no sense in giving advice now when the majority of the class has already written the test but I'll mention the important parts anyways in hopes that this will miraculously stick to my brain.

  2. a^b=c can be rewritten as loga(c)=b to find the exponent
  3. Product law (log MN= log M + log N)
    Quotient Law (log M/N= log M-logN)
    Power law (log M^N=Nlog (M))
    and the Change of Base law (log a(b)= logc (b)/logc (a) )
  4. Remember the exponential modelling equations (like A=Pe^(rt))
  5. "ln" is the same as log e
What else can I say? Eat, sleep, study, yenno the normal test routine.

Hmm.....I know I'm missing something.......ahhh, yes.

I think that I will do well on the test. I'm not too confident however because of the week of class that I missed. Do I regret doing that? Well, yes because I feel like I've missed a lot in my classes (especially math at the moment) but at the same time no because then I would've missed out on such an amazing experience with some amazing people! Hopefully I do well on the test and I don't forget anything (please let there be a formula sheet -_-", if there isn't that's fine too).

Good luck to my fellow classmates who are going to take the test and to those who have, it'll be nice to be back in class again.




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