Wednesday, May 13, 2009



combinatorics seemed easy to me at first...but as we moved on i found things to get harder and harder...

I understood pretty much all the formulas we learned and how to use them. This includes the pick formula, circular permutations formula, and the choose formula. I also understand the golden number stuff with Pascal's triangle and the binomial questions that we worked on.

The predicament I seem to find myself in for this unit, however, is when i should use what formula or if i should just use common problem solving sense...I tried working on the homework assigned to us today on the slides. However, i found myself having problems with questions "b" and "c" and i was unable to do anything from "d" onwards, because i wasn't exactly sure as to which formula to use. Then i tried to look at other people's blogs and bobs and see if that would help...but some people posted up different stuff and they didn't put the answers for me to check my work (i think...from what i saw anyways)...

I thought i understood it in class, however, it seems much harder by myself. I guess I will continue working on questions and hope i know enough to do well on the test this friday.


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