Thursday, May 14, 2009

zeeeh Bob

Everyone's bob is intimidating.
  • Fundimental Principal of counting
  • Factorial Notation
  • Permutations
  • Permutations of Non-Distingushable Objects
  • Circular Permutaions
  • Combination
There was a number of different formulas and terms we learned in this unit.

  • n! = n · (n-1) · (n-2) ...etc
  • r = generally means the amount of objects to be arranged
  • P = "pick"
  • c = "choose"
  • i = term? not sure about this one
This unit has been the easiest to understand so far. We learned a number of different things for such a short unit.

The ideas were simple but i have most difficulty on finding what formula to use for a problem. Like to choose the "pick" or "choose" formula.

Also, circular permutations and middle terms are difficult for me to understand.

OH I loved how Mr.K showed us how math applies to what we believe is beautiful. I wish we could have went more indepth with that. Math is EVERYWHERE.

Note to self:
  • It is easier to just draw a diagram!
  • Permutations are when order matters.
  • Combinations are when order does NOT matter.
  • Mr.K has Math Powers.
  • when solving certain problems with permutations with 0, o's are special!
  • (n "over" r) is NOT (n/r)
  • im tired.
  • Don't take on too many things at the same time :|


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