Friday, May 1, 2009


WOW almost forgot about bob. So this will also be short since its really late xD. I'm probably not very confident because I haven't really practised so much on exponential functions. I may have problems understanding some of the word problems and how I need to approach such a problem.

I will probably not have enough sleep since I've got other things to do. Might not be prepared. So I'm actually frightened about the test later today because I'm probably going to fail. I will try to study if I can. Otherwise my best luck will be making myself a nice big breakfast so I have some energy to do the test :D.

I've learned alot about logarithms but exponential functions I will have to look into.

That's about all I have to talk about. Also I give the same old advice to everyone EAT , SLEEP and STUDY. And yes I know I'm not goign to follow my own advice, but thats why I'm probably goign to fail. GL TO EVERYONE! HOPE YOU DO MUCH BETTEr THEN ME! xD


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