Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hi everybody its Alex, hope you're all doing WonderfullyExcelent. I have to admit that I don't feel very confident going in to this test. I found that I missed a lot of days and that we didn't do as much practice problems in class. Usually these practice problems help me a lot, but this unit I didn't feel there were enough of them. I understand that we are pressed for time so I'm not complaining.

I know we have to know about ellipses and hyperbolas and that we need to know how to graph them, but I feel that there are going to be a lot of problems on the test that will require us to use our indepth knoweledge of these ellipses and hyperbolas, that I just won't know. I'm expecting a test that will be very tricky for me, with lots of curve balls coming from no where.

I hope that I and my fellow class mates can get enough studying in to do WonderfullyExcelent on this test, and I hope everyone has more knowledge than me on this unit going into this test.

Best of Luck! Alex.
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