Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BOBS on Conics?

Well this unit was relatively easy for me. The only things I think I will have problems with is reading the question properally and putting it in the right way.

So the first thing we learnt about was parabolas. We learnt another formula for a parabola which is :

P is the distance from your foci to your vertex or your distance from your directrix to your vertex.

If you want the horzontal graph, you just switch the (x-h) and (y-k).

The next thing we learned was circles and the formula is the same as the one we learned before so I'm not going to go into detail with that.

Then comes the elipses with the formula:

Where "a" is the length of the semi major axis and "b" is the semi minor axis.

If you want the vertical graph you just exchange the "a" and "b"

Then there's hyperbolas (parabolas on steriods, according to Mr. K)

Where "a" is your semi transverse axis and "b" is your semi congurant axis. If you want your vertical graph you just make "x" negative instead of "y".

So that's basically the simple summary of what we learn, time for my nap. Night.

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