Sunday, May 31, 2009


lol Hey Everyone
Well this unit has practically zoomed by and, for me, has been the easiest unit of them all. It was made especially easy by the fact that there were only a very small number of formulas to memorize and a lot of graphs and patterns. The only thing I really need to remember for these is how to find the focuses on ellipses and how to graph a hyperbola.

take the square root of the difference between the semi-major axis squared and the semi-minor axis squared. this is how far, along the major axis, the foci's are from the center.

first you need to draw the box created by the conjugate and semi transverse axises. from there you can draw the diagonal lines that make up the asymptotes of the hyperbola. Each one intersects the two opposite points on this box that has been created. Now take the lengths of the conjugate axis and the semi-transverse axis. Now square both of them and add them together. Then take the square root of that to find the distance between the centre and one of the foci's.

Well that is practically everything that I can think of at the moment so Wish Me Luck!!
See you guys in class.

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