Thursday, May 14, 2009

~B~O~B~ of a Champ!... ( A Pokemon Champ)

Well this is a late post but I've been busy tonight so... sorry... :(

Anyways... I guess it's pretest tomorrow and test on Friday so.. I'm a little apprehensive but we'll see how things go! Haha.

Things to know~

Permutations: Order matters!!!!!! nPr or 'n pick r'

Combinations: Order DOES NOT matter!!! nCr or 'n choose r'

And throwing this in so we never forget can't hurt either.... A LOGARITHM IS AN EXPONENT! ( this is not actually relevant to the test but I figured I would throw it in anyways)

And remember, if you get excited about certain numbers that u see, don't use an exclamation mark to emphasize your excitement because that really means FACTORIAL~

Factorial means: n*(n-1)*(n-2)*(n-3)....*3*2*1

FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF COUNTING: If there are M ways to do one thing and N ways to do another, then there are M*N ways to do both things!


I have had trouble with:

Knowing when it's nCr nPr

Knowing how to manipulate the numbers into these fine equations.

Our latest Homework about hte poker, although I think I've got it now!

Simple mistakes here and there.

Getting sleep haha but whatever. It's not like I NEED it....

As usual, tips for the test!


2. If you don't get it, don't feel ashamed to ask for help. We're all friends here in Pre-Cal 40S Winter 09 ! ;)... except maybe for Anthony... jk haha ... You're Awesome Anthony!

3. Eat right, exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle!

4. Maybe don't hit up TYC on Thursday night with your fake ID and party until 3 in the morning.... just a suggestion... (because clearly we ALWAYS do this kinda thing...)

5. Relax, stress makes it harder to think!

6. If all else fails when writing the test, just guess! You may get part marks for work shown and you might even get the right answer! Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Well, that's all this Pokemon Champion has for one night... As usual Good luck on the test... How hard can it be to count, right??


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