Friday, May 15, 2009

BOB for Combinatorics

Hi, this is Alex and this is my BOB post for the combinatorics' test. I found that I caught on to this unit fairly fast. For some reason it was easy for me to understand it. A big part of my understanding was due to the connections Mr.K made to real life with this unit. The poker questions were confusing but very helpful. I think another reason I found this unit easier to understand was, every question had visual components to them. So, if a question asked you how many ways can you sit 5 people in 6 chairs, you could, or at least I could, easily picture this in my mind and I found it very helpful.
What also helped me understand this unit was the discussions we had in class. This unit I asked many questions and everything that was confusing me was clarified easily because of this.
Now, all there's left to do is practice some questions and improve my confidence with these types of problems.
If I could make on possible suggestion to Mr.K, it would be to hand out some optional math worksheets for this unit. Just because, I found the exercises a bit repetitive and having that bit of extra practice, I think, would be very helpful.

Well, I hope everyone did WonderfullyExcelent on their tests on Friday, and I hope I do on Tuesday.


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