Thursday, May 14, 2009

BOBs and Tonsilitis Don't Go Together.

Well I just got back from the doctors... And I don't really feel any better from when I woke up this morning. My throat hurts. It's hard to talk and it kind of hurts to eat. I am not sure if I'd be able to go to school tomorrow too. But I guess I have to do this BOB.

Well, Combinatorics. I like this unit. One of my favorites so far. Doesn't mean that I'm good at it though. I like the fact that it's about finding possibilities, I guess?

The opening topics were kind of easy—like the factorials and permutations. But then, as we delved deeper into the topic, it kind of got harder. Being absent once (not including today) doesn't help either. I got confused when questions like, "Find the 4th term" started appearing in front of me (the workshop really helped me clear my mind). But, AHHHHHH! The poker questions. I don't know how to play poker so it took me a while to get some light shed upon me.

Well, we should remember what type of question a question is. Is it a circular permutation? Or one of those, "put them in a bag and let them out" ones? Also, the pick and choose formula, and when is the time to use them. How many ways the letters B, O, O, K can be rearranged? Yes, I'm also talking about non-distinguishable objects. AND DON'T FORGET ABOUT BEAD BRACELETS AND NECKLACES! THE LAST THING THAT YOU HAVE TO DO IS DIVIDE BY 2.

Sorry if the last paragraph didn't make any sense. It makes a lot of sense in my current state of mind.

So guys, good luck on the test!

I need it. Because I'm not good at doing things where time is a pressure.


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