Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where's BOB....o?

It's that time again, where you need to do your almighty B.O.Bs.

Well, what i learned this past week or so is translations and transformations.

Your values consists of:
C=Phase Shift
D=Average Value

Your whatchamacallsit, uh, formula would look something like this:

Oh yeah, do your stretch thingies before your translations. Like order of operations: multiply/divide the numbers before you add/subtract.

Also, learned about mystical Reciprocal Functions.
Regular Function: y = f(x)
Reciprocal Function: y = 1/f(x)

f -1(x) DOES NOT EQUAL 1/f(x)
f -1(x) Means that x and y values are switched

And, yeah, that's all I got. PRETEST TOMORROW GO STUDY.
Good luck to all and too all a good night. (yeah I'm probably gonna go to sleep now)


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