Sunday, March 15, 2009

BOB time again

Well, this is an almost late BOB but had to do it and it's done! I've been studying all night and after reviewing everything I really don't see this unit being all that difficult.

Several points that stuck out in my mind are....

1) When graphing those reciprocal functions find the asymptotes (or where y = 0), then find the points at y= 1, -1 because those points are invariant and will be the same on the reciprocal graph, and then finally go to town with Dr. Suess and make your reciprocal graph smallering towards an asymptote if the normal graph is biggering to infinity and visa versa if the normal graph is smallering!

2) STRETCH BEFORE TRANSLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3) Watch out for those word problems!! They are not to difficult to understand, just read the problems carefully be smart about labeling your x and y axis because t may help you in your calculations later on.

4) As parameters go, A and D are simple enough A stretches the graph vertically by so many units and D moves the graph vertically.  B and C however are a bit trickier. BE CAREFUL!!! However B tells you to stretch always do 1/B because it lies to you!!!! C also lies to you!! Do not be fooled by its sign, make sure you shift the graph horizontally the right way!!

5) In a sine or cosine function remember B is not the period!!!! The period=2(Pi)/B!!! Also, parameter D becomes the new sinusoidal axis and parameter A is your amplitude.

That is all! Sleep well everyone!! A good night sleep is the quickest path to victory! May the force be with you all!!!


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