Tuesday, March 10, 2009

bob bob bob (8)

hey guys!
Another unit has pasted...meaning bob makes a reappearance!

So through out this whole unit, there were plenty of things i found confusing.
~QUE MUSIC~ <-click
It was very frustrating for me, especially during the quizzes. (ambush) But I guess from the frustration, i learned a very important lesson....always do your precal homework D: And after a few youtube videos, and a long over due of Pjarry session, its s'all good. ;)

What really threw me off was graphing the inverse and reciprocal functions. ughh and how \sqrt{-a} would be completely different from -\sqrt{a}. The trick was noticing where the negative sign was, but it still gets to me. If the negative sign is inside the \sqrt{a} than its just a reflection across the yaxis. If its outside the \sqrt{a}, than its across the xaxis. (please correct me if I'm wrong! I've always seem to mixed them up. -___-)

I suggest you watch the youtube videos provided on the slides, those cleared some questions i had. ohh and when you go into a study group, see if you can teach what you learned to your members. only then have you truly understand the lesson. (: "does that give me cool status?" -niko

just like the first, I've enjoyed this unit as well. Maybe even more, since there's pi approx. day coming up.

Ever since I've found out about this built in spell check on Firefox, my spelling's at its best! no more yellow guys ;DLOL
good night~


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