Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BOB time again?

Well I'm going to have to make this short and sweet since I have other things to do. Plus I'm sure PJ and Aldrin will have enough tips to help you all on the next test.

So far in class we learned about stretches, compressions, reflections and shifts. Invariant points and asymptotes. I wont blab about this though cause many others will have it covered. I unfortunately don't know when the test is, Mr. Kuropatwa said it might be on Friday, but that contradicts with pie day, so I'll be prepared to ask in class tomorrow.

I think the test coming up will be quite easy, but I'll probably have to look more into those hyperbola graphs. Cause it can be quite confusing when you got something like this:


Don't be scared though because I'm pretty sure Mr.Kuropatwa wouldn't put it on the test cause he never really taught it :P. Or maybe he did and I just need to use my head. I might know how right now but my brains busting xD.

Well I give the same simple advice as before such as:

SLEEP-Cause you want a full functioning brain for the morning.
BREAKFAST-Cause well your brain does need the energy to think through all these insane math questions :P
STUDY-There is always that cocky person who thinks you don't need to study, I admit sometimes I think so. But you must always remember to do this so you know that you did this to the best of your ability, also the forgeting curve may come into play.
BE PREPARED-Since we do not know when the test is, I suggest you start studying now until it comes so there are no surprises.

GOOD LUCK ALL!!! Hope my advice helped. Don't forget to bring a pie for Approx. Pie Day. I think I'm bringing Lemon Meringue, so I'm sure Mr.Kuropatwa will be happy and Emme. :D. If any problems with what I wrote just give me a comment and I'll change.


  1. haha my Anthony senses were tingling after the first few sentences. xD