Sunday, March 15, 2009

B0B for transformations

Hey, this is Rebecca and this is my BOB.

So I think it's safe to say that I didn't really like this unit because it confused me. We learned how to graph reciprocal functions, absolute values, and inverse functions. We also learned how to check if a function is odd or even. I think the hardest part of this unit was understanding reciprocal functions. Luckily the light bulb in my brain went off yesterday and now I understand what I'm doing! :D

For anyone who needs a little bit of help... here is the unit in a nut shell.

Odd Vs. Even Functions

Even Functions: Symmetrical about the y-axis. If f(-x)=f(x) it is even.

Odd Functions: Symmetrical about the x-axis, if you rotate the graph 180 degrees it will appear the same. If f(-x)= -f(x) it is odd.

REMEMBER: You can turn your paper if that helps you visualize things! :D

Graphing Reciprocal Functions

1. Find the invariant points where f(x)=1 or f(x)= -1.

2. Find the asymptotes.
3. Use the "biggering, smallering" method to sketch the graph.

Graphing Inverse Functions
-For these types of questions all you really have to do is switch the X and Y values.

f(x)= A(Bx-C)+D

A: Stretches the graph vertically
B: Stretches the graph horizontally
C: Shifts the graph right and left, watch the sign!!
D: Shifts the graph vertically.


Well I can't think of anything else important to say.. so good luck to everyone!! Don't forget to be on the lookout for graphs in the real world! (:


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