Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday March 4, 2009 Scribe

Hey there! It’s me, kalekalekale or kale for those of you who did not get it. Today we had the privilege of being taught by Mr. K first thing in the morning, oh wait; we pretty much do that everyday.

Our main focus today was inverse functions, but lets start with a little review on even and odd functions.

REMEMBER: IFF a graph is an even function, f(x) = f(-x), and IFF a graph is odd, f(-x) = -f(x)

I’ll show you guys how to determine if a graph is even or odd in 3 different ways; Equation, Numbers and a Graph

Example #1

Example #2

Example #3

Now onto inverse functions

An inverse function has swapped x and y values. In this case
red (1,2), (2,4), (3,5), (5,6)
blue (2,1), (4,2), (5,3), (6,5)



There's an inverse function.

Here's a random graph of a function and its inverse:

That pretty much wraps up my post. 10 days 'til pi day and 9 days 'til pi approximation day.
Don't forget to look into your DEV projects kids!
check out this snazzy link. (Not related to math by the way)

Good night to all and to all a good night.

next scribe is ale because it's like kale divided by k


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  2. Doh! I followed that link. Slick Kale.

  3. (8)never gonna run around and desert you~

    haha great post kale! i liked the batman slide show, it helped me understand how the180 degrees turn worked. :D