Monday, March 23, 2009

First scribe of the yr

This is my first scribe for this class^_^
I miss the first 10 min of the class, but I think we didn't do much before I come in.
We start off with the question: to prove the identities
This one is simple that just use the formula: to replace then simplify it. there fore it's QED.

For the second question we got 2 solutions which both of them are all correct, bit one is less work than the other one.

They both are right but I would do the second one.
In the first solution he turned everything in terms of cos and sin, which we will do for most of the questions.
In the second solution, he recognize that so it made the work much more easy and faster. This might not work for every question, but it will work for some of them.

For this question she used the difference of square. Which in Mr.K's work "cleaver idea", he said that in every identities that must be some cleaver idea will help u to proof the identity.

Of course the most fun& important part of class today the dance

I kinda forgot the dance could any one help me and leave a comment to put the dance that we did.

then we did these questions to end the class of today.
In this kind of problem u just have to understand the formula to able to solve the problem.
Hope that everyone understand me. ^_^
Oh next scribe is.........trinhn92 ^_^
Homework for the day is ex16 all 1st 19 question and any 5 out of the last 10 question.

Spirit Week Themes
  1. Monday: Sports Day - Sports Obstacle Course
  2. Tuesday: Superhero Day - Save the Day Relay Race (you could dress up in a costume or wear a t-shirt that has a superhero logo on it)
  3. Wednesday: Twin Day - Talent Show
  4. Thursday: PJ/Crazy Hair Day - The Chris Frolic Comedy Hypnosis Show ($2/ticket)
  5. Friday: Colour Code Day - Grade War Gym Riot (gr.12s wear green; gr.11s wear blue)


  1. umm the colours were suppost to wear is Gr.11's are red, and gr.12's are blue

  2. really?
    I copied it from some else.