Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scribe post for March 25..

Hi everyone,I'm Trinh and i'm the last one from the scribe list.
Anyway, I just go straight into what we've learned this morning because my network connection is not working really well. It could be disconnect anytime.

First, Mr.K put us into group and we started with some homework problems.
we apllied the sum and difference identity of so we can get the first line in the picture above. You could see that

Sub that number into the expression, we get the next line and we could find out the answer.

For the next question

We still using the sum and difference but this time is and , after you expressed, you'll see 2 opposite expressions, you could cancel it right away for short and there are left, that gives us .

The next question is more complicated than the first two,

then we started to prove how can we get the sum and the difference identities equation.

we've not finish this part yet and Mr.K said we're going to finish that tomorrow .

Another thing is about our mark, Mr.K will give a code for each of us so we can check out our mark online. He'll finish it on Friday or on the first day back to school after spring break. We have to go see him to get the code.

Tomorrow is PJ/Crazy Hair Day - The Chris Frolic Comedy Hypnosis Show ($2/ticket)
So make sure you have the ticket for the show tomorrow.


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