Monday, March 16, 2009

BOB ..

Super late B.O.B.

Yes, im bobing the day before the test, shame on me.
Anyway, at first, this unit was pretty easy, but as soon as we started putting everything into word problems, things went downhill for me. During the pre-test earlier, that was the area which I found the most challenging.

I think I will do well on the test, as long as I study and do some practice questions on the areas that I need help in. There are still some things that I have to work on, like graphing reciprocal functions, but my main focus would be on the word problems.

So yeah, i guess i have a lot of studying to do.
Good luck!

p.s. Im going to add on to this when I get home.. hah .


yeah, so much for adding on to this. i fail at this blogging thing. My computer is broken (sadface) .


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