Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reflection? Or BOB? For Transformations!

Wow! It's already time for our second test! Time is just flying by so quickly. I figured I should do this now before I forget or get bombarded with work tomorrow. Before I continue on with my reflection I would just like to give a few reminders to my fellow classmates.

Because Pi Day will be on a Saturday this year, don't forget that we are celebrating Pi Approximation Day on Friday. Bring your pies as well as your appetites!

Please also don't forget that when you scribe, you have to tag your work and tag it correctly! I know it seems like a little thing, but by putting in the correct tags we are making it easier for our fellow classmates, as well as the many math adventurers around the rest of the world that visit our blog (Hi, People of the World! :D), to find the things that they want to find, study or even learn. When you make a tag on Blogger, separate the tags using a comma (,) instead of a space ( ) like you do on delicious.com. If you use a space instead of a comma, you will end up with one long tag and it will be counted as incorrect.

Okay, back to the main point of this post. The Translations unit is quickly coming to an end and we have learned so much in the past few days. The easiest thing in this unit for me was graphing absolute value equations. I'm sure it was pretty easy for many of you too. I felt that it was a great way to end a kind of difficult and confusing unit. Another thing that I found easy was doing the stretches and shifts of the various functions and graphing them or finding the equation. This was mostly because we had just finished quite a bit of it during the last part of the Circular Functions unit and it was still fresh in my mind (like all of the parameter stuff).

One thing that I found a little bit difficult was everything about reciprocal functions.Graphing them, at first, seemed very confusing. I was trying to understand it the first time Mr.K said it but as soon as words like "Invariant Points" and "Asymptotes" entered through my ears my mind just went "Huh?" And then when was drawing the graphs I got even more lost because I had forgotten everything he had said prior to that. However, after doing a couple more questions like that and looking through the slides Mr.K posted on the blog, I find them a lot easier to deal with.

Another thing I found hard was the word problem we did in class today. I was trying to think of Mr.K's way of solving the problem and what I would've done to solve the problem at the same time. My way had some errors in it but I corrected them as we went along. I think I just got really mixed up with what he was saying and what I was thinking and that caused me to not pay enough attention what was being done on the Smart Board. I'll work my way through it and I'll figure it out so I think I'll be OK.

As for the actual test? I'm pretty confident in myself. I think that I'll do really well on this test. The only thing that might mess me up on the test is the drawing part. I think I'll make little mistakes here and there (like extending the graphs too much or forgetting to put arrows) but that just means that I have to be extra careful with my answers.

So yea, I guess I'll just say a few things before I go.
  • Read the questions and answer them to the best of your abilities!
  • Remember how each parameter affects the functions by stretching/reflecting/shifting it.
  • Remember to graph the original function first (if you have to) when doing reciprocal graphs and find the invariant points (where y= 1 and -1).
  • Draw in asymptotes using a dotted line, not a solid line. You can also put in, somewhere around your graph, y≠(insert numbers here) for horizontal asymptotes and x≠(insert numbers here) for vertical asymptotes.
  • An inverse function (f-1(x)) is NOT EQUAL to 1/f(x).
  • Remember how to determine and graph even and odd functions.
  • Get lots of sleep and be prepared!
I'll stop here.

So yes, good luck fellow classmates on the test! We can do this! We are smarter than the average bear! Good night everyone! See you in math class!


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