Monday, March 16, 2009


I found this unit a bit more challenging, but I like how the last unit has a nice transition into this one. The one thing I had the most trouble with is the reciprocal function. That type of transformation is a bit harder to grasp, however I think I've got it down now.

As for the pretest, I found it extremely helpful, it clarified many of the questions I had. I really liked doing the pretest the way we did it. I would recommend studying it for the test tomorrow, all the concepts we need to know are in there.

What we should know....

Well we should know how to do basic transformations, stretches before translations etc.
We should know reciprocal, inverse functions and how to derive g(x) from f(x) and f(x) from g(x).
Know the flips over the x and y axis.
Don't get mixed up with inverse and reciprocal functions. The reciprocal function is the one where the function gets put under one. The inverse is when f is to the negative one, this doesn't mean the function is to negative one though.

Good Luck to everyone, Luck of the Irish actually, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day :)


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