Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday March 6 Scribe

Hey guys this is Darryl, and today we had a quiz.
Instead of explaining the process and steps to how we got the answer to all of the questions, ill try to explain what we did on the ones where there were difficulties.

Question 1 was pretty easy so we'll skip on to question 2. (referred to slide #3)
On question 2 the answers were: a) f(x)=g(2x) and b) g(x)=f((1/2)x)
The reason for that is there were no changes within the y-axis only the x-axis and that no shifting occurred. The green line that shows in the graph is what the function would look like if it did shift over to the right.
So then the only thing that changed was a stretch or compress on the x-axis.

Question 3 (slide #4)
A way to help find the answer is to make a dotted line of y=x the same blue dotted line showed on the slide. There you will notice points of f(x) on the dotted line, those points will be the same on f-1(x), from there you can make an inverse line of f(x) with the (x,y) values switched.
On the slide you will notice that f-1(x) does not equal 1/f(x). It was put there as a reminder that f-1(x) is a notation.

Question 4 (slide #5)
Question a is a simple question so i'll skip this one

b)f(x)= -sin(x) is odd because f(-x)= -f(x)
f(x)= -sin(x)
f(-x)= -sin(-x)
-f(-x)= -(sin(-x))
f(x)= -sin(-x)

c) is even because anything in absolute number is positive.

d) is neither because if you follow the process determing whether or not its a odd or even, the final process leads you to neither.

On slide 6 shows steps to reciprocal function graphs and must not be confused with inverse. This is very helpful with the last slide where we have to sketch the following function.

Another thing mentioned in class was Isometric transformations and Lattice Points.
From what i believe an Isometric transformation is bascially a mirror reflection, no stretching or shifting is done but simply turned around at an angle keeping its shape and form.
A definition of a Lattice Point is a point that is a whole number (positive or negative) on the coordinate plane.

Okay well thats all i have for today, sorry if anything i wrote confused you guys I'm pretty bad at explaing. If is confusing or wrong leave a comment on and ill check over it. My first time ever blogging or scribing :D
Oh before i end this ive got a couple of reminders, if you guys havent yet made a delicious account yet try to make one asap.
Also Pi approximation day is on Friday so dont forget to buy Pi
For the next scribe i choose "ianayana" good luck
darryl signing out :D


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