Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Hey everyone. Well reflections is over. For me it seemed to be a really easy unit. The only problems that I have had at all so far is reading the question fully and properly :P, which has nothing to do with the unit. This unit was really easy to understand, once you remembered what A, B, C, and D are, how to find them, and what they do.

Just to recap on stuff that may have slipped your mind since we learned them:

1) A is how much a graph has been stretched. With trig functions it is the distance from the highest or lowest point on the graph to the sinusoidal axis.

2) B is NOT the period it is 2pi over the period

3) C is the distance along the x axis that the graph is shifting and is

4) D is the distance that the graph is shifted along the y axis

5) When dealing with B, factor it out of the bracket first

6) the inverse of a function of x is NOT the same as the resiprocal on a function of x

Well that's all for my BOB except for SLEEP, EAT, and BE ON TIME. lol bye


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