Monday, March 16, 2009

PokeBOB! Gotta... blog em all? Idk..

Haha hey Precal 12 peeps ! Matthew Aka Pokemon Champion here with my little BOB for you all. The pretest today really helped me get all my thoughts together about this crazy math stuff XD Also sorry group uno of today for convincing you that the wrong answer was the right one haha If it makes you guys feel any better I get it now =D

Anyways... things to remember!

Parameters A B C and D and what they do...

A f [B(x-C)] + D

A- Vertical Stretch/ Compression
B- Horizontal Stretch/Compression
C- Horizontal Translation
D- Vertical Translation

Another thing to remember is how to determine what functions are even, which are odd and which are neither.

IF f(x) = f(-x), then u are dealing with one very even equation.

IF f(-x) = -f(x), then you have an odd equation.

IF neither of these apply then your equation is neither even or odd... Maybe its not even an equation at all O.o OoOoOo.. just kidding haha

But yeah as long as you've been keeping up to date on your hw and are studying hard... this test should be a breeze! =D

I think I'm going to go to sleep now because... I am super tired XD So good luck on the test 2morrow and goodnight everyone! ~Matthew


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