Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Hello everybody! its me again jeck. I'm here to scribe for today. First of all, I'm sorry for being unfair to others. That was my first time to join a blog so I don't have enough knowledge about scribing or posting in blogs. Now this is my second time, please be nice if it is still awful! :p

Anyway, lets go back to business. Today we talk about TRANSLATION. At this time Dr. Eviatar can't post the slides that we talk about in class because there is some connection problems she encounter so I consult last years pre-cal class (winter 2007). Today's topic is very confusing for me like of the g(x) and f(x) thing.

Here's some slides from last years class:

We can locate the vertical shifts and horizontal shifts by this formula:

y=AsinB(x-C)+D or y=AcosB(x-C)+D

where C is for horizontal shifts which add to the x-coordinates and D for vertical shifts which add to y-coordinates. In general we can use this formula:


Here's some example:

y=f(x) + 1 => this function being moved up 1 unit. If the original point is (1,0) and moved up 1 unit, so the new point is (1,1).

y= f(x-5) => shows this function being shifted to 5 units to the right. if the original point is (1,0) then the point must be (6,0) because it moved to the right by 5 units.

I hope everyone can see the image and can understand me as well. I hope it help you with my little knowledge about translation. If theres any error or mistake just tell me and I will make changes as soon as possible. Have a nice day and have fun :)

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  1. Hi Jeck! Nice post! And good job finding those slides! Don't worry, this one counts as a scribe post. However, you should change the tag from "scribe post" to "scribe" in order for your name to be crossed off. It's a housekeeping thing. Thanks and keep up the good work!


  2. Well done, Jeck! I like the way you connected the new translation stuff with the previous circular function material.

    Jayp, I'm impressed with how you are running this while Mr. K is away. One less thing for me to worry about, and I am grateful!