Friday, February 20, 2009

scribe for circular functions test

Hi!, im jeck and I'm here to scribe for today. Well, we had a test today and I had a hard time in answering those questions. I have nothing to say because we dont discuss anything today.

I hope everybody will pass the test today. If you dont feel you will pass the test then start PRAYING now, just like I did. :)

Best wishes too for Mr. K's wife surgery! (thanks Laika for reminding us about it)


  1. you might want to label your post otherwise pj won't cross your name off the scribe list.

  2. I think you should scribe for monday considering we did nothing on friday and is unfair to people who put time and effort in this.

  3. Actually, you must scribe for Tuesday instead. It's our first actual class of the new unit. Today (Monday) doesn't count.

  4. Quite right. I've told you all many times, we do not have a scribes for test days ... there's really nothing to share other than "we were all quiet writing the test." ;-)

    This post does not count as a scribe post ... I'm looking forward to reading your most excellent scribe when it;s posted.