Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Life of π

Hii bloggers, this is Rebecca your scribe for the evening.

In today's class we talked about solving trigonometric equations larger than 2π.
We began the class by reviewing some of the algebraic questions from yesterdays class.

I believe we were then called down to the MPR for our biannually assembly. At the assembly we were told how wonderful we were and how to become even more wonderful! If you are confused about school rules and missed this assembly speak to a teacher and I'm sure they will help you. :p

So back to math class...
We were then asked to solve the following questions. Mr. K took a few minutes telling us how our calculators were stupid and only told us one answer to a question and how since were smarter than the average bear we need to find the other angles. He then told us that later we will learn our calculators weren't actually lying to us, but we wont worry about that in this unit.

One question we had while answering this question was "Couldn't you also have -π/6?" The answer was no because it does not fall in the interval.

Next we did some fun mental math. (sorry for my poorly drawn paint pictures but the equation writer was not cooperating!)

When doing these types of questions think about where in the unit circle you are. For example for cos 13π /3 you are in quadrant 1. This means your answer will be positive because x is positive in quadrant 1.

Some side notes:

  • Mr. K told us that if you have something that is tedious to rewrite you can use substitution. Always show what you are substituting at the top of your page. You can use a letter (NEVER USE X) from any alphabet or a symbol.
  • Always go to 4 decimal places for this class!!

Homework for today was exercise 5, questions 11-20. Good luck!

Last but not least tomorrows scribe will be Annabanana!! :D


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