Thursday, February 19, 2009

last scribe for circular functions?

Hi! It's me again but please let me introduce myself formally this time. I'm Laika and I'm here to scribe for the day. Since today is Thursday, this means our unit test on Circular Functions is tomorrow. In preparation for the test, today our class worked on a pre-test where Dr. Eviatar (cool name!) gave us about 25 minutes to tackle the questions on our own.

Quite a handful of the class was missing today which meant they’ve yet to meet our substitute teacher, Dr. Eviatar, for the week to follow. There’ll be plenty of time to get yourselves familiar with her so from the whole class, we warmly welcome you in our classroom! :D

Back to the main topic of this scribe, after the 25 minutes of self-work, Dr. Eviatar allowed us to form groups consisting only of 4 people maximum. We put our brains together and figured out the right solutions for the questions on the pre-test. Working with a group helped me out a lot since I didn't really know what I had to do for the last question. (Thanks Ingrid! Hahaha.) Dr. Eviatar took in a copy of the pre-test from each of the groups and for the remainder of the class, went over the answers with the help of the smartboard. Here they are along with the questions:

I hope everyone can see the images clearly. If not, I shall go make changes... tomorrow. XD Good luck to everyone on the test and best wishes to Mr. K's wife's surgery! :)

The next scribe is... jeck!


  1. Good job Laika! I especially like the effects on jeck's name. It's so sparkly (:. Just one thing though. On the first picture, you have the sin value marked on the x-axis. It should be on the y-axis right?

  2. Hahah, whoops. Thanks for pointing it out, pudge! :)

  3. Hi Laikus,

    I'm sure that your posting the pretest questions of value to everyone.

    You mentioned you worked in groups putting your brains together and that it was helpful; are you finding that working together is often an effective way to be sure of your understanding?