Friday, February 20, 2009


I also apologize for being so late too. After going home from school I fell asleep.
MARY.L> pacifico, this is the escape program in that temporal dimension that the time-variant of john ly created
This unit wasn't a walk in the park, really. When Mr. Kuropatwa first introduced us to radians, I was like, "Huh?" As the days passed by though, I learned.
MARY.L> this acts like a TPDD, time plane dimension destroyer, that I use to travel through time
In every unit, there's always a hard part and an easy part. The topic that I found hard was the last one, the graph transformations —I think because it was rushed? Clearly I don't know. The Pre-Test enlightened me on that topic. I say thanks to Laika, Ingrid and Dr. Eviatar.
MARY.L> the ill intentions of the time-variant of john ly will be the punished by the Data Integrated Sentient Entity "Canopy Domain"
The topic that I found easy was the Manipulating Proportions. Expanding on why I think the topic was easy seems irrelevant, so I'll end my reflection in the next sentence or two.
MARY.L> choosing yes will transfer your universal unit code aegis to the world where codename: SNOW WHITE is a god
Good luck everyone! Look over your notes before the exam starts!
MARY.L> no will trap you in this normal world forever
MARY.L> yes?/no?


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